Every worker has experienced burnout at some point in their career – even healthcare professionals. The American Medical Association (AMA) defines physician burnout as “the combination of emotional and physical exhaustion that influences reduced effectiveness.” Whether the exhaustion is absolute or imagined is inconsequential; how the phenomenon affects patients and their safety matters. Like other employees, physicians who experience burnout are at risk of making errors at work. Unfortunately, these errors can make matters worse for a patient’s condition, which is why you should consult a Norristown physician burnout attorney.

What Are The Common Causes of Physician Burnout?

Some of the common causes of physician burnout include:

  • Having less time for patient care. Contrary to popular belief, physicians spend most of their hours performing administrative tasks rather than tending to patients. The less time a physician spends around patients, the less rewarding a physician may find their career.
  • Performing additional administrative tasks. Aside from diagnosing patients, physicians have administrative tasks that are not as exciting. Administrative functions like charting are not why some physicians choose their careers, yet these tasks take up at least ten hours of a physician’s workweek. Some physicians believe that the focus on completing administrative tasks instead of patient care is a growing problem in the healthcare industry.
  • Working longer hours. One of the main reasons for job burnout, in general, is longer work schedules. Physicians work longer than the regular 40-hour work schedule like many healthcare professionals. Some physicians work for up to 60 hours and longer.

Adjusting to growing patient demands. Due to new options in the healthcare field like telehealth services, physicians are learning to adapt to new patient demands. In addition to telehealth services, patients accept new options like on-demand patient care services. Adjusting to these demands can put additional pressure on physicians to meet the patients’ needs.

How Does Physician Burnout Affect Patients?

Physician burnout can produce some terrifying consequences for patients. Focusing on completing administrative tasks can cause physicians to become desensitized to a patient’s concerns, reducing patient satisfaction. Physician burnout can also cause physicians to make poor decisions and affect a physician’s memory. If the physician commits a mistake while rushing or just not paying attention, the physician can commit an act of medical malpractice against a patient.

How Does Physician Burnout Affect The Health of Physicians?

Physician burnout can also negatively affect the health of physicians. Physicians are at risk of suffering from the same conditions they are trying to prevent when experiencing burnout. These conditions include hypertension, substance abuse, depression, and even suicidal tendencies.

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