New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer

Everyone has a responsibility to act in a safe and reasonable manner around others in a public space. This is not just common courtesy; it is a legally enforceable duty. When someone breaches their duty and injures you as a direct result, they may be financially liable for your ensuing losses.

Seasoned attorneys understand that there is a significant difference between knowing someone else is responsible for your injury and actually proving civil fault. Because of this, winning compensation can require a great deal of evidence and extensive legal know-how.

Fortunately, a capable New Jersey personal injury lawyer can help you throughout every stage of your lawsuit or settlement demand, giving you the best chance of a favorable result. Contact us today for more information on our legal process and how we can help you with your auto accident, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, or catastrophic injury claim.

Filing Suit Over Negligence

Most personal injury claims in New Jersey are pursued under the legal theory of negligence. This theory states that someone who causes harm inadvertently should be held liable for their actions, which often means compensating the injured party.

Establishing liability for a personal injury is contingent on proving that the defendant directly caused the harm in question by doing something reckless or careless and violating a duty of care they owed to the injured person. That said, expectations for this duty can change drastically across different situations.

For example, motorists have a broad duty to follow traffic laws and pay attention behind the wheel. Medical professionals are held to a standard of care based on what another equally qualified physician would have done under the same circumstances. Personal injury attorneys in New Jersey can help clients navigate the complexities surrounding the duty of care.

What Are Recoverable Damages?

Someone found legally liable for another person’s injuries based on negligence can be made to pay for current and future economic and non-economic losses. These are objective financial and subjective personal damages, including:

  • Loss of work wages and earning ability
  • Short-term and long-term medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disfigurement/disability
  • Emotional anguish and psychological trauma
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Lost consortium
  • Personal property damage

State law does not impose artificial caps on how much compensation an injured person can demand for losses. However, it is still important to have support from a personal injury lawyer in New Jersey. They can identify, accurately evaluate, and demand restitution for compensable damages in a claim.

Enlist the Help of Dedicated Personal Injury Attorneys in New Jersey

No two personal injury claims are exactly alike, and neither are the experiences of the injured party. It pays to have help from a legal team – like The Weitz Firm, LLC – with experience handling various personal injury cases.

Getting a New Jersey personal injury lawyer on your side is a vital first step towards obtaining the compensation you deserve for harm you should never have sustained. Call today for a free initial consultation.



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