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The Weitz Firm, LLC Has accomplished personal injury and complex litigation trial lawyer, who is always prepared to take a case to trial to secure fair compensation for his firm's clients. Give a call at 267-587-6240.
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Catastrophic Injuries
Catastrophic Injuries
Maximum compensation after a life-altering injury.
Medical Malpractice
Medical Malpractice
Holding those responsible for preventable harm.
Complex Litigation
Complex Litigation
We help small business owners take on the big corporations.

Accomplished Personal Injury And
Complex Litigation Trial Lawyers

With more than 25 years of trial experience throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and nationwide, Eric H. Weitz who is always prepared to take a case to trial to secure fair compensation for his firm’s clients. That passion for justice is what makes The Weitz Firm, LLC, in Philadelphia one of the top boutique civil trial firms in the area.

The Weitz Firm, LLC
The Weitz Firm, LLC

Helping Malpractice Victims And
Fighting for Patient Safety

Unfortunately, patient safety is not always guaranteed in the American health care system. If you have been the victim of medical malpractice, you most likely have many questions. What happened? Why? How? You could be facing disability that will last the rest of your life and injuries that limit your ability to take care of yourself. Our firm believes that preventable medical errors must be addressed. We take on patient safety cases not only to make our clients financially whole again, but to improve our clients’ lives as well as the quality of health care for everyone in the community.

Mr. Weitz is a battle-tested malpractice lawyer who regularly obtains multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements for malpractice clients. We are prepared to represent clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and across the U.S., no matter how complex the fact pattern might be. A devastating personal injury like brain trauma or paralysis does not have to overwhelm your family with bills you cannot afford.

Client Success

Verdict for a foster child that was rendered a paraplegic in a motor vehicle accident.
Verdict in Topamax mass tort litigation for mothers of children who were born with cleft lip/palettes birth defects caused by undisclosed side effects of Topamax when taken during pregnancy.
Verdict for the family of a child who suffered severe brain damage because her delivery was inexplicably delayed.
Verdict for heroin addict who suffered paralysis after an emergency room failed to diagnose and treat an emerging spinal infection.

Taking Big
Corporations To Court

Business owners and consumers throughout Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and nationwide turn to Mr. Weitz and his team when they are in a dispute with a competitor, vendor or other company. Since 1992, Mr. Weitz has earned a reputation as a seasoned litigator and trial attorney who is committed to his clients. Our firm helps small businesses take big companies to court to obtain justice and hold others accountable for the harms they caused.

See what our clients say

“Eric was there for me every step of the way. When the jurors saw how much he cared, they cared too.”

- Anthony P.

“Eric battled hard for us, as if he was fighting for justice for his own mother.”

- Patricia F.

“Eric took our case when no one else would. He helped us hold those responsible accountable. He got our family justice.”

- Eileen S.
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June 10, 2020

Anesthesia is a necessary and humane way to deal with surgery—when it is administered correctly, it provides comfort. But when errors occur, and they happen frequently, they can be debilitating if not fatal. Patients who have experienced these errors may not understand what support is available to them. The Weitz Firm LLC is available to […]

May 27, 2020

Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins University. One of the main causes of errors that occur in a medical setting are mistakes made concerning prescription medications. What happens if somebody is given the wrong prescription? Can a doctor or nurse be held […]

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