Norristown Compartment Syndrome Lawyer

Compartment syndrome is something you may have never heard of, but if you are here with us today, we know that you or someone you love may have suffered from it.

Compartment syndrome is a medical emergency and should be treated immediately. If it is not, a person runs the risk of muscle and nerve damage. If severe cases, people can lose muscle and nerve tissue completely.

But what happens if a medical profession is the one who caused the compartment syndrome in the first place? We know you may have questions and we want to help you find answers.

If you need a Norristown compartment syndrome attorney, turn to The Weitz Firm, LLC today. We will work to investigate your case so you can move forward.


Compartment syndrome occurs because the pressure in the muscles builds to dangerous levels. We often see this occur after bone breaks in the arms and legs cause the muscles around the break to accumulate pressure.

The only way to relieve the pressure and prevent major damage is through a surgical procedure called a fasciotomy, which involves cutting directly into the muscle to let the pressure subside.

While most causes of compartment syndrome are not the fault of doctors or nurses, there are times when healthcare professionals inadvertently cause the condition or make the condition worse.

  • Compartment syndrome can occur when blood flow is restored to the body after a loss of circulation. This can happen after a surgeon is finished working on a patient and then restores vascular flow.
  • If a cast or bandage is applied too tightly by medical professionals, symptoms of compartment syndrome can develop. If this happens, the cast or bandage should be removed immediately.
  • Patients who are on blood thinners are at higher risk of compartment syndrome. If a doctor or nurse fails to obtain a full patient history, they could end up causing the problem to get worse.
  • If a doctor fails to notice the signs and symptoms of compartment syndrome, that is a major problem. They should always be on the lookout for pain that is more intense than a person should expect from an injury, for muscle tightness, or numbness/paralysis at the site of an injury.

If a healthcare professional is negligent in their duties and causes compartment syndrome or fails to treat it, they should be held accountable for any permanent damage caused by their failure to treat appropriately.


We know that compartment syndrome is scary and it may have altered your life or the life of your loved one forever. Let us help you move forward from here. If a medical professional is to blame for your injury, The Weitz Firm, LLC will stop at nothing to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. We know how expensive medical emergencies can be, and not just in medical costs. When you need a compartment syndrome attorney in Norristown, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here.



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