• Medical Malpractice Landscape Changing
    Medical Malpractice Landscape Changing
    There is such a thing as medical malpractice. We have all heard the horror stories. We have seen the nightly news spotlights on families who are distraught with grief because a loved one was lost due to medical negligence. These stories are heartbreaking. A family is forever scarred because a doctor, surgeon, nurses, or medical staff did not have the...
  • When Does A Bowel Perforation Become Medical Malpractice?
    When Does A Bowel Perforation Become Medical Malpractice?
    The last thing you ever want to hear when you are in the hospital is that you have a bowel perforation. You certainly do not want to hear that your bowel perforation was caused by a surgeon. However, we know that mistakes happen in surgery. The question is, do bowel perforations always rise to the level of malpractice? Today we...


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