Medical Malpractice Landscape Changing

Medical Malpractice Landscape Changing

There is such a thing as medical malpractice. We have all heard the horror stories. We have seen the nightly news spotlights on families who are distraught with grief because a loved one was lost due to medical negligence. These stories are heartbreaking. A family is forever scarred because a doctor, surgeon, nurses, or medical staff did not have the proper resources or follow the right protocol when a patient needed it the most. Even though we see these stories and hear these harrowing tales when we walk into a hospital for ourselves or for a loved one we never think that about those medical errors. No one walks into a hospital room thinking this is the day their life will change due to medical negligence.

Our Philadelphia Bowel Perforation Or Ruptured Bowel Attorney at The Weitz Firm, LLC has the unique opportunity to work with medical malpractice victims. Our specialization is in bowel perforation or ruptured bowel. We specialize in this area because we have heard the stories from countless clients who were dramatically changed due to this error. When you go into surgery, the surgeons and staff use a lot of sharp tools. Very good surgeons and staff use the tools correctly. Some not so good surgeons and staff may use the tools correctly, but they may also negligently cause the sharp tools to hit your large or small intestine.

Left untreated, this kind of injury can lead to sepsis and death. Common symptoms are pains, chills, fever, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, shortness of breath, and dizziness. These symptoms can also be related to other complications. This is why it is so important that you are being taken cared for by a medically alert staff. Our Philadelphia Bowel Perforation Or Ruptured Bowel Attorney at The Weitz Firm, LLC know that the duty of standard of care is not always followed. We are here to make sure that you get the justice you deserve and the current legal landscape may be in your favor.

The Supreme Court may favor a case where a woman’s bowel was perforated after undergoing a laparoscopic hysterectomy. The doctor’s legal team states that the doctor as well in her standard of care because bowel perforation is an inherent risk when undergoing that surgery. Two expert testimonies were given providing reasonable evidence of why that is and isn’t true. If the higher courts decide to go in favor of the victim then physicians and other doctors may be more liable for negligent cases. This also means that they would need to buy higher malpractice insurance.

This kind of case is challenging because, on the one hand, the surgeons were doing their job, but on the other hand, a patient has had to deal with complex health issues because of the accident. As our client, we will promise to do all we can to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout the whole process. Call 267-587-6240 or click here to start a conversation with our professional staff today.



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