Going to the hospital, whether for an emergency or a chronic condition that you or a loved one needs help with, is not fun. One thing we know is that you trust the medical professionals there to care for you and help make you feel better.

But what happens if you go to the hospital and contract an infection because of the carelessness or negligence of the people who work there?

You may be surprised to find out just how common hospital-acquired infections are. The consequences of these infections can be severe. If you need a Philadelphia sepsis or infection attorney, you can count on The Weitz Firm, LLC to be by your side, working to get you the compensation you deserve.

Why Is This Common?

Medical mistakes account for more than 250,000 deaths annually in the US. Some estimates say it could be as many as 440,000. Many of those deaths happen as a result of patients acquiring infections, most of which are preventable.

Why is it that someone admitted to a hospital has a five percent chance of contracting an infection? This can increase the amount of time a person spends in the hospital, which will increase the cost for the patient. In the best-case scenario, a patient who gets an infection while in the hospital will be treated and released.

The worst-case scenario is a patient dying. Nearly 100,000 people die each year from hospital-acquired infections. In fact, the CDC says that nearly 1 in 3 people who die in a hospital have sepsis, a form of infection that spreads throughout the entire body.

Again, most of these infections are preventable. When a healthcare professional is dealing with central lines, IV sites, catheters, open or recent wounds, or a surgical site, they should be vigilant and ensure that all measures are taken to keep infections from developing and spreading.

One of the main ways that we know many infections happen due to a medical professional’s negligence is the fact that hospital-acquired infections happen at higher rates outside of intensive care units. Once a medical emergency is perceived to be over, it seems that doctors, nurses, and aides are less careful with patient care.

At all times, healthcare professionals need to monitor their patients’ conditions closely. If they fail to do so and a patient is harmed or killed, they should be held accountable.

What Happens Now?

If you are suffering because a healthcare professional was negligent in their duties, you need to seek legal assistance. We know that dealing with the treatment from a hospital-acquired infection can really set your recovery back. There is no reason it should become a financial burden, especially when it was not your fault.

When you need a medical malpractice attorney in Philadelphia, you can count on The Weitz Firm, LLC to be your advocate, working to get the compensation you need for all of your expenses relating to this incident. You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling 267-587-6240.

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