Expert Witnesses in Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Cases

Proving a medical malpractice case usually requires the testimony of an expert witness. Only an expert witness—with their proper training, specialized knowledge, education, and experience—can provide testimony on how a healthcare professional breached their applicable standard of care.

When you pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit, you usually need an expert witness to help prove your claims. Our dedicated lawyers have worked with expert witnesses across the country and a medical malpractice attorney can help you identify what type of specialist you need for your case and where to find one. Attorneys at The Weitz Firm are adept at finding expert witnesses in Philadelphia medical malpractice cases.

The Qualifications of an Expert Witness

Given that doctors have specific insight into medical treatment, an expert witness provides crucial evidence in a medical malpractice case in Philadelphia. Under Pennsylvania Rule of Evidence 702, an authority must have the following qualifications in order to testify in court:

  • They must possess scientific, technical, or specialized knowledge beyond that of a layperson
  • Their scientific methodology is generally accepted in their field of study
  • Their opinion will help the judge or jury understand the evidence or determine a fact in the case

An expert witness often holds a degree in their field, so it is not difficult to prove they have the necessary qualifications to testify. However, a defense attorney may attack their credibility by claiming their expertise is not relevant to the case at hand.

An Authority’s Role in a Lawsuit

Medical malpractice cases are more complicated than the typical personal injury claim. Proving that a doctor or healthcare professional breached a standard of care is a highly technical determination that only an expert can properly convey to the judge and jury. The expert witness’s role is to explain what went wrong and who is responsible. Depending on the specifics of a case, an expert witness can serve a variety of functions in proving a medical malpractice claim, including:

  • Providing an expert report
  • Responding to other expert witnesses
  • Determining the cause of the injury or illness
  • Developing a malpractice theory with an attorney
  • Evaluating a patient’s injuries and medical records

An authority on medical care can speak about the applicable standard of care in a certain situation in order to demonstrate that a doctor or another healthcare professional breached their duty of care. An expert can also provide critical testimony on causation and show the judge or jury how a medical provider’s negligence caused an injury or illness. Another important function of a witness who is a medical authority in a Philadelphia malpractice case is to testify about damages: While it can be difficult to put a price tag on the extent of someone’s injuries, an expert can provide helpful insight as to those injuries’ negative effects on a person and how expensive it will be to treat them.

Reach Out to a Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Attorney About Expert Witnesses in Lawsuits

By providing essential testimony about how a healthcare professional’s negligence caused a patient’s injury or illness, an expert witness is essential to pursuing a medical malpractice claim. Performing this type of analysis and conveying it to the judge or jury requires specialized knowledge about and insights into how a doctor or other medical provider breached their standard of care.

While finding a medical authority can be difficult, one of our attorneys at The Weitz Firm could help you locate the right one for your lawsuit. To learn more about expert witnesses in Philadelphia medical malpractice cases, contact our team to schedule a free and confidential consultation.



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