Even when your doctor adheres to the highest standards of care, the risk of injury still exists when medical equipment fails. In some cases, medical equipment failure has nothing to do with the healthcare provider’s actions and is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and those who inspect that medical equipment to identify any maintenance issues and address them accordingly.

In other cases, medical equipment failure puts patients at risk of injuries and death due to the medical professional’s improper use of that equipment. Our Philadelphia medical equipment failure attorney at The Weitz Firm, LLC, explains that medical equipment does not always fail due to manufacturing or design defects.

You can sustain injuries while receiving medical care because your doctor, nurse, surgeon, or any other healthcare provider did not receive proper training, is not qualified or competent to use that medical equipment, or used the equipment negligently.

Pieces of medical equipment that cause patient injury

In the event of a medical equipment-related injury, consulting with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer is critical to determine fault and identify liable parties to recover damages in your case. “After all, a medical professional is required to follow all safety recommendations when using medical equipment in the course of treatment or diagnosis,” says our medical equipment failure attorney in Philadelphia.

The following pieces of medical equipment are more likely to cause patient injuries and fatalities when defective, unsafe, improperly used or maintained:

  • Heart defibrillators
  • MRI machines and scanners
  • X-ray scanners
  • IV pumps and equipment
  • Anesthesia equipment
  • Blood pressure monitors and
  • Machines and scanners used to diagnose cancer and other conditions

When medical malpractice failure constitutes medical malpractice

Even if medical equipment failure was caused by a manufacturing or design defect through the fault of the manufacturer, you may still be able to recover damages under the legal theory of medical malpractice. After all, if a defective piece of medical equipment caused your injury at the hospital, it means hospital staff members could have been expected to notice the defect and prevent harm.

Needless to say, if your doctor overlooked safety procedures when using medical equipment, which, as a result, caused your injury or the death of your loved one at the hospital, you will most likely be entitled to pursue a medical malpractice case.

How to sue for injury caused by improper use of medical equipment?

When building a strong legal case stemming from a medical equipment-related injury, you may want to consider the following factors surrounding faulty medical equipment and improper use of that equipment by hospital staff:

  • Failure to properly sanitize and clean medical devices and equipment (in many cases, patient injuries are caused by the hospital’s lack of hygiene and cleanliness)
  • Improperly maintained and malfunctioning medical equipment
  • Lack of proper medical equipment
  • Lack of proper training in using medical equipment and tools
  • Failure to follow safety protocols when using equipment and
  • Lack of safety devices and tools to eliminate or reduce the risk of harm

In some medical malpractice cases involving medical equipment failure, the patient’s injury has nothing to do with the healthcare provider’s actions and is the result of using defective or otherwise unsafe equipment. In other cases, meanwhile, a patient sustains injury due to a doctor’s improper use of medical equipment. Either way, it is vital to consult with a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer to collect evidence, establish fault, and seek compensation. Contact The Weitz Firm, LLC, for a free case evaluation. Call at 267-587-6240.

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