Veterans Center COVID-19 Deaths Bring Lawsuit

Veterans have served to protect our country, uphold our values, and deserve our love and respect. Our older veterans are an especially vulnerable group due to the pandemic. COVID-19 has claimed over 100,000 lives of long-term care residents. What should be the time for our elderly veterans to experience peace in their last days has turned into a waiting game to see who might be next. The lawsuit alleges negligence and civil rights violations.

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How Did it Come to This?

As COVID-19 rips through our country, we continue to follow safety measures to protect those we love. In particularly vulnerable places, like long-term care facilities, we trust doctors, nurses, and staff to use all reasonable methods of protection for our elder loved ones. That is precisely the care expected of a Southeastern Veterans Center.

However, relatives of five veterans who succumbed to COVID-19 feel the center failed. The suit charges negligence and civil rights violations. Over the course of the pandemic, 42 patients have died at the state-run facility. Other state-run facilities in Pennsylvania have seen fewer than 15. Relatives are demanding answers in a 103-page complaint.

One such instance describes a heartbreaking experience fraught with extreme neglect and mismanagement for roommates, Edward Horowitz, an Army veteran and former Philadelphia police officer, and Edwin Bush. When Mr. Bush began to experience COVID-19 related symptoms, he was left in his room untreated, save for a Tylenol for his fever. Mr. Horowitz witnessed his battle for two weeks until SEVC employees removed Mr. Bush to a hospital wearing hazmat suits. Even after Mr. Bush died of the virus, Mr. Horowitz was not tested or treated. Mr. Horowitz’s son contacted the facility and was told his father was doing well. However, later that night, he was informed by staff that his father was very sick and needed to be hospitalized. Mr. Horowitz succumbed to his COVID-19 symptoms days later in a Phoenixville Hospital.

Neglect is Abuse

When we seek help to take care of our older loved ones, we put our trust in nurses, doctors, and staff. We trust them to treat our loved ones with dignity, respect, care, and see to their medical needs. Too many facilities are failing them. Too many facilities are failing our country.

According to the National Center of Elder Abuse, NCEA, neglect is the top form of elder abuse. Neglect can take the form of;

  • Medical neglect:
    • Not giving medication when needed
    • Failing to move elderly patients with mobility issues to prevent bedsores
    • Improper care for existing health problems
    • Not reporting illnesses to nurses and doctors
  • Social and Emotional Neglect:
    • Not providing canes, wheelchairs, or walkers to seniors
    • Isolating vulnerable residents
  • Failure to provide basic living needs and hygiene:
    • Failing to bath residents properly
    • Not changing clothing or bedding, especially if they have soiled themselves
    • Failing to provide safe food and water

Our senior citizens deserve better than this. Our veterans deserve better.

What We Can Do for You

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