Medical mistakes that can happen during surgery

Medical mistakes that can happen during surgery

Every year, patients throughout Pennsylvania and the rest of the U.S. are the victims of medical mistakes. Many different medical errors can happen, resulting in serious injuries or fatalities.

For example, some people are accidentally given doses of medications that are much too high. This may result in overdoses and potential death. Others are given the wrong blood, causing a bad reaction. In some cases, doctors mix up feeding and chest tubes, meaning that patients might get their food or medicines pumped into their chests rather than their stomachs.

Surgical errors also sometimes occur. For example, a doctor could accidentally operate on the wrong patient. Others may accidentally operate on the incorrect body part or the wrong side of the body. In some cases, people have surgical items left in their bodies after their operations are over. In what most would agree seems like a terrible nightmare, some people wake up during surgery and are unable to move but can feel what is happening to them.

An individual who has been injured by a medical mistake may want to consider filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit might allow a victim to hold the doctors and other medical professionals liable for any damages. An experienced medical malpractice attorney might review a potential claim and provide an assessment of whether it supports the basis for a lawsuit. If an attorney agrees to accept representation, he or she may conduct a thorough investigation and confer with medical experts in an effort to build the strongest case possible.



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