How Nursing Homes Make Profit Off Of Abuse

How Nursing Homes Make Profit Off Of Abuse

It is something no one really talks about, but as children, one didn’t think about how we would be taking care of our parents one day. Thankfully medicine is getting better and helping people live longer, but getting older does have its challenges. Sometimes when our loved ones get older, they get older in places that are not close to their loved ones. Or, their loved ones are unable to care for them properly for a myriad of reasons. Some people need medical attention 24-7. Maybe their illnesses require medical attention and they are not trusted to be on their own. There is always a situation where someone is actually alone and does not have any family members or friends to look after them. Even though that is a sad story, there are over 700 homes in Pennsylvania for the elderly to look into in order to get the attention they need.

However, not all caregivers who work in these homes are ready to look after the elderly with the same care as if it were their elder. Some who work as an elderly caretaker is only doing it because it is a job and don’t care to really help the elderly in any other way. Sometimes facilities just aren’t willing to pay their caretaker and continuously short staffed. When a facility is short staffed it does not get to showcase the standard of care necessary to taking care of elders. Unfortunately, those who runt the homes are thinking only of profits or bottom lines.

This was the case for those who were abused at the St. Francis Center for Rehabilitation & Healthcare was failing and barely making ends meet when it was bought out by a Charles-Edouard Gros, chief executive officer for New York-based Center Management Group. Within two years the center went from being broke to exceeding profits. However, the way the new management increased profits was to cut the staff. This meant elders were not getting taken care of as much as they should. In fact, there was such neglect and abuse happening that authorities revoked the center’s license immediately to be shut down. This only happens in extreme cases. Think of how many people were affected by living in such dangerous conditions.

For example, Lois Coleman entered the center after having hip replacement surgery at the ripe age of 88. She required to be moved every 2 hours to avoid bed sores as well as sensitivity to infections. Because there was no staff to move her, she died because of the bed sores and overall lack of health.

What To Do

If you or someone you love is dying due to nursing home neglect and abuse you have every right to be enraged and you have every right to seek legal help to gain justice. Unfortunately, your story may not be the only story. By speaking out you may be saving others. Philadelphia Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys at The Weitz Firm, LLC is ready to hear your story, Call 267-587-6240 or click here for more information on how we can get you justice today.



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