Fat Shaming Leads To Cancer Misdiagnosis

Everyone’s body is different. People do not come in a one size fit all, and not everyone’s health is determined by being slim and skinny. People’s healthy choices look different. Your journey to health is unique. Yet, doctors are not as forgiving. It cannot be denied that there is a growing obesity problem in the United States. However, people can still be fat and have issues like tumors and cancer. Our Philadelphia Failure To Diagnose and Treat Cancer Attorneys at The Weitz Firm, LLC have seen first-hand people’s futures ruined or almost ruined because doctors failed to treat them for cancer.

Because some cancers have obscure symptoms, doctors and health care providers have to be open-minded to solutions. However, because doctors are in high demand and our health care system is not supportive of actual time with doctors, health care providers aren’t doing their job or using the standard of care necessary to accurately treat patients. When that happens, it puts patients in danger. Cancer diagnoses need to be made as early as possible because cancer can spread rapidly. If your doctor is willing to listen to you, then you need to find another doctor before it is too late.

Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca Hiles is a blogger in Philadelphia. For years Hiles visited multiple doctors for symptoms that she was experiencing. Every doctor, except one, told her that her weight was the issue for the symptoms. Hiles was not satisfied with that answer. Instead, she had the courage and bravery to push forward until she found a doctor who really listened to her problems. Finally, a doctor came to her rescue. Hiles knew something was wrong, but she was not prepared to hear her symptoms were a result of lung cancer.

Five years later, Hiles is cancer free but lost a piece of her left lung. She is speaking out to the public about her negative experience with doctors who kept overlooking her symptoms just because she was fat. Hiles hopes that the message of fat shaming reaches patients as well as health care providers. She believes that just because you are overweight does not mean that all your symptoms are fat related. Sometimes you really are sick, and it has nothing to do with our weight.

What We Do

Cancer is a scary word. Cancer is a deformed cell gone rogue and once discovered it needs to be treated aggressively. Imagine having cancer, but being overlooked because of your weight? It’s not fair, and it is an act of negligence. If you or someone you love is suffering from a failed cancer diagnosis, you have options and should seek legal assistance. Our Philadelphia Failure To Diagnose and Treat Cancer Attorneys are here to listen to you and fight for your rights. We can make sure your compensation includes:

  • Coverage of all medical bills
  • Coverage for all future medical bills (if applicable)
  • Loss of income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life damages

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