Anesthesiologist Reaches For Wrong Drug

We go to the hospital to get better. We hope that doctors and hospital staff will give us the answers we need to start the healing process. Almost always doctors, nurses, and other medical staff get it right. They tell us what is wrong, and we can begin a plan of action. However, there are times when during that plan of action, something can go horribly wrong. Our medication error lawyers in Philadelphia at The Weitz Firm, LLC love what we do, but we hate that people have to call us. Our Philadelphia Medication Error Attorneys understand too well that doctors, nurses, and medical staff are not free from error. Instead, we see the horror stories of family members further injured by hospital staff or lives lost due to a medication error. Whatever your situation, if it involved medication error, then our Philadelphia Medication Error Attorneys are here for you.

A major part of medical malpractice is medication error. A medication error is such a problem that researchers suggest it is the thirst most significant reason for death in America. No way should people be dying due to a medication in 2019, yet here we are.

Justin’s Story

An 11-year old boy was sent to the hospital for a routine surgical procedure for an infection in his ankle. The young boy was healthy and ready for the surgery. Since it was routine and common, many did not seem alarmed when he was put under, and the operation started. However, during the surgery, the boy’s heart rate increased, and blood pressure spiked, causing his heart to stop. The medical team conducting the operation was unable to stabilize his vitals, and he passed away.

How does something so routine end up in such tragedy? Unfortunately, the parents of the boy would have to wait years before finding an answer. An investigation showed that parts of the medical wastebasket were not searched after the boy’s event. The response to the mysterious death was that the anesthesiologist unknowingly administered the wrong drug to the young man. The anesthesiologist chose the wrong vial. Instead of the drug to help with post-operation nausea, he chose a similar vial that caused the intense reaction.

It seems as if the information was hidden from the parents as a doctor stepped forward with the information years later. This isn’t common, but it can clearly happen. Doctors and hospital staff take great care, but they are only human. Unfortunately, their mistakes lead to tragic events.

What To Do

If you lost someone due to a medication error or if you or someone you love is suffering from an injury due to a medication error, then you need legal assistance. Call 267-587-6240 or click here to start a free consultation with our professional attorneys at The Weitz Firm, LLC in Philadelphia today. We have a strong, successful track record of helping families get compensation for the pain and suffering they endured. We are here to fight for you today.



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