What You Should Know About Plastic Surgery Complications

Plastic surgery encompasses more than breast augmentations and rhinoplasties. Surgeons helped a 4-year-old little girl whose face was disfigured by a dog attack, a burn victim reclaims their appearance after severe scarring, and a woman with severe back problems with a breast reduction. Whatever the reason, a patient is entitled to have safe surgery and a high standard of care. When medical professionals do not fulfill their duties or make careless mistakes on the table, patients suffer.

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Common Risks in Plastic Surgery

Every surgery has risks. The field of plastic surgery is no exception. According to Plastic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics, the most common risks in plastic surgery are;

  • Organ damage: punctures can occur during liposuction if the surgical probe comes too close to organs
  • Scarring: hypertrophic scarring can be an abnormally red and thickly raised scar
  • Hematoma: a pocket of blood resembling a bruise, often painful
  • Seroma: when sterile body fluid pools under the surface of the skin, causing pain and swelling
  • DVT: Deep vein thrombosis, which can be fatal
  • Blood loss: while there is always some blood loss in surgery, if the blood loss cannot be controlled, it can result in a deadly drop in blood pressure
  • Infection: postoperative care is vital to prevent internal and skin infections
  • Nerve Damage: some nerve damage can be a change in sensitivity after breast augmentation or reduction, numbness, or tingling
  • Anesthesia complications: This can include waking during surgery, shivering, nausea, and vomiting
  • General appearance dissatisfaction

Complications from plastic surgery can range from life-threatening and debilitating to aesthetic disfigurement.

When Plastic Surgery Complications Become Negligent

The Doctors Company recently analyzed malpractice claims against plastic surgeons in an effort to gain a broader view of patient harm. In their analysis, they discovered;

  • 49% of patients claim the surgery was performed improperly
  • 13% allege surgical complications: delay in treatment, incorrect positioning for surgery, scarring from an operating fire near the patients face, and decreased circulation due to improper use of compression garments
  • 12% of patients claim improper procedures that resulted in nerve damage or scarring
  • 6% of surgical patients retained a foreign object in their body post-surgery, like a sponge
  • 4% allege breach of confidentiality
  • 3% of patients allege failure to obtain consent

The US National Institute of Health notes the rate of malpractice claims increased by 13%. If you or someone you know have suffered a preventable injury during plastic surgery, call our dedicated plastic surgery attorneys today.

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