Report Indicates Poor Staffing Results in Abuse & Neglect at NC Nursing Home

Nursing home abuse takes many forms. Unfortunately, instances of nursing home abuse also remain fairly common throughout the country.

Just as nursing home abuse can involve various types of behaviors and neglect, nursing home abuse can also occur for many reasons. The residents of nursing homes tend to be members of a vulnerable demographic. Their ability to defend themselves against abuse is, sadly, limited.

Nursing home abuse may also take place due to poor staffing. A recent example from North Carolina illustrates how this may occur.

The Citadel Salisbury, a for-profit nursing home facility in Salisbury, NC, was recently the subject of a lengthy report from the state’s Department of Health and Human Services. The investigation was triggered after numerous complaints were made and a federal class-action lawsuit was filed citing a range of violations.

Families represented in a lawsuit against The Citadel Salisbury have stated that “systemic understaffing” has resulted in acts of abuse and negligence being overlooked. For example, according to one report, when a staff member was moving a resident and the resident cried out in pain, the staff member covered the resident’s mouth to muffle their cries. Another report indicates a resident frequently complained that another resident was offering her money in exchange for sexual favors. Despite these complaints, the staff apparently did little to address the issue.

Such issues may be particularly common in states like North Carolina. In North Carolina, nursing homes do not need to adhere to minimum staffing ratios. As a result, the owners of for-profit facilities such as this one may cut corners by hiring as few employees as they can in an effort to minimize how much money is spent on employee wages.

Naturally, such tactics do not result in an environment where residents are safe. To their credit, many of the staff members at The Citadel Salisbury cooperated with investigators during the two weeks they spent looking into the conditions of the facility. One nurse aide explained that staffing at the facility is so limited that there are relatively frequent instances when she is not even able to get residents out of their beds.

Another staff member echoed these sentiments, explaining that due to minimal staffing, there have been shifts when she had to work for 22 hours. Despite doing so, she claims it has still been impossible to provide the residents at the facility with all the attention they may need.

The Citadel Salisbury has a history of violations and has been subject to approximately $370,000 in fines since 2020. However, data indicates that, while The Citadel Salisbury may be a facility where neglect and abuse are particularly common, the facility isn’t necessarily an outlier. Again, nursing home abuse is still a major issue in virtually all states.

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