Minor brain injuries can cause major damage

Minor brain injuries can cause major damage

Suffering any kind of brain injury is a serious matter, and requires direct, timely medical treatment to minimize the damage to the victim. Of course, major brain injuries are the most dangerous, but they are also the easiest to identify, because the victim will almost certainly present clear symptoms that indicate something is seriously wrong.

However, mild brain injuries often cause more far-reaching destruction in the lives of victims than they expect, precisely because they are more difficult to recognize and diagnose.

Mild traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, can occur much more easily than you might expect. Any significant blow to the head can easily cause a mild TBI, which may quietly destroy the life of the victim for up to a year without proper medical treatment. If you or someone you love recently suffered a blow to the head, like in a car or sporting accident, the first thing to do is seek out a full medical examination by a qualified medical professional.

Identifying and treating a mild TBI may take time, but it is far better than simply living with it until your body heals itself naturally. Those who choose to ignore the symptoms and persevere often cause irreparable damage to their personal and professional lives, leaving them with many fewer options and a frustrated, distant community just when they most need their support systems.

Common symptoms of a mild TBI

Mild TBIs affect each victim differently, but some common symptoms are well worth looking out for. In many instances, victims may suddenly find they cannot complete simple tasks they could do easily before the injury. Whether this is compiling data into a spreadsheet or performing on a production line, even very basic, familiar tasks suddenly take extreme concentration to accomplish.

At the same time, the victim may experience uncontrollable outbursts of anger and frustration, especially around tasks they know should be much easier than they are. This regularly spills out on coworkers, family and friends, and if they do not properly understand that the victim is struggling with a very real medical issue, they may respond negatively.

Such behavior can quickly ruin a career and end a marriage, and should not be taken lightly.

Protect yourself now

If you suffered a mild brain injury, you must seek out medical care from a professional. Of course, high-quality care and ongoing treatment costs money, and it is not fair to pay for these expenses out of pocket if your injury is someone else’s fault. If you believe that someone else is responsible, make sure to use all the legal resources you have to build a strong injury claim to seek fair compensation and keep your rights secure¬†while you recover and rebuild a life you love.



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