Common hospital errors that occur when giving birth

Common hospital errors that occur when giving birth

Giving birth is a process that makes both the mother and child vulnerable, and there are many complications that can occur. It is the responsibility of the hospital and medical providers to do everything they can in order to ensure that the birth is delivered with minimal complications.

However, complications do arise. These complications can be an inevitable part of the birth process. However, they can also be caused by the actions that medical practitioners make. The following are some of the most common hospital errors that can lead to complications during delivery.

Errors in administering medication

It can be possible for an error in the administration of medication to occur. If the wrong amount or the wrong type of medication is administered, this can mean that both the mother and the baby could be in danger.

Getting an infection that could have been prevented

During any hospital stay or surgery, infection is always a risk that must be taken seriously. However, during birth, there are many factors that could lead to an increased risk of infection. Medical practitioners have the responsibility to try and minimize the risk of infection at all times.

Being subject to an unnecessary C-section

There are many times when a C-section is necessary in order to save the life of the mother or the baby. However, research has shown that C-sections are routinely over-administered in Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States. In fact, many C-sections are used unnecessarily on low-risk pregnancies, often because the maternity ward is busy at the time the mother is giving birth. If complications arise as a result of the C-section, the hospital could be seen to be negligent in the way that it makes decisions about whether a mother should have a C-section.

If you have suffered complications after giving birth, you may believe that this was the fault of the hospital or doctors. If this is the case, you should conduct research and consider taking action.



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