6 Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse

6 Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse

There is a natural progression of human life. We are babies, children, teens, young adults, adults, mature adults, and elderly adults. If we get the lucky chance of making it to elderly adults then we have truly been given a life worth living. The elderly have a wealth of knowledge. In some cultures, the elderly are deeply respected and held with admiration. In American culture, it is a bit of a mixed review. Some families are taught to respect their elders while others see them as just one more responsibility. Even though family members may be cold feelings toward their elders, we hope that the care takes of the elderly do not share those same sentiments. Unfortunately, our Philadelphia Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys at The Weitz Firm, LLC have heard one too many horror stories of nursing home staff disrespecting and abusing the elderly.

Elderly Abuse Statistics

Pennsylvania is showing an increase in elderly abuse. In fact, it has increased by 13% in 2016-2017. Three years of prior abuse cases increased by over 50%. In 2016-2017 there were over 6,899 cases of substantiated abuse or neglect of our elderly. These numbers should alarm you. If you were hesitant to believe if your aged family member is dealing with nursing home abuse, let’s hope these numbers help you persuade you to believe that something is really wrong with your elderly family member. You are not alone.

In order to address the increase in elderly abuse, Pennsylvania has provided more funds for protective care of the elderly. However, those funds were taken from other funds which help provide medical resources to the elderly. Instead of increasing the amount overall, the government is taking pieces of the same pie but redistributing them. This may not be the best answer, but this is what is happening. If you feel as if your loved one is getting abused, here are 6 signs to help you better identify what is happening:

  1. Abandonment: your family member may not have medical staff in the room 24/hrs. but they should never be left to their own demise for long periods of time.
  2. Sexual abuse: this is hard to understand,  but happens more often than we think. No one at any age should be taken advantaged of in this way.
  3. Physical abuse: If your elder has bruises or cuts then this could be a sign of more than just their clumsiness.
  4. Financial exploitation: More money does not always mean better access to care.
  5. Neglect: Much like abandonment, your loved one should never experience more discomfort or suffer more illnesses because the staff is not following the standard of care.
  6. Emotional abuse: Much like physical or sexual, your loved one should never feel as if they are the second rate for being in a nursing home.

The reality is that elder abuse happens. Even in the best of nursing homes. You need to stay vigilant even if you cannot visit often. Call 267-587-6240 or click here to start a conversation with our Philadelphia Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys today.



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