The following is a partial list of some of attorney Eric H. Weitz’s most significant verdicts and settlements:

$28.7 million

Verdict for a foster child who was rendered a paraplegic in a motor vehicle accident.

$15.1 million

Verdict in Topamax mass tort litigation for mothers of children who were born with cleft lip/palate birth defects caused by undisclosed side effects of Topamax when taken during pregnancy.

$8.6 million

Verdict for the family of a child who suffered severe brain damage because her delivery was inexplicably delayed.

$6 million

Verdict for a heroin addict who suffered paralysis after an emergency room failed to diagnose and treat an emerging spinal infection.

$4.02 million

Verdict for a child who underwent four surgeries after birth to correct his cleft lip caused by Topamax.

$3.8 million

Settlement for a Fortune 500 executive who was rendered completely disabled after being sideswiped while traveling on vacation.

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