Wrong-Patient Prostate Cancer Surgery

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  • Wrong-Patient Prostate Cancer Surgery
    When you or a loved one need to have surgery, you know there are risks. Any procedure, regardless of how invasive, will come with a long list of what can happen. However, the last thing you should ever have to worry about in surgery is having the wrong operation done to you. At The Weitz Firm, LLC, our qualified and...
  • HUP Could Pay Out $1.74 Million
    Take a moment to step back and reflect on public places that are supposed to make visitors feel safe and secure. If you are the victim of some crime, some may say the police station. If you like to read in silence then some may consider the library as a safe and secure place. Others may say places like medical...
  • Medical Mistakes Can Be Bizarre And Routine
    Medical Mistakes Can Be Bizarre And Routine
    We know that you are likely aware by now that medical mistakes are a bigger problem in this country than most people realized. Johns Hopkins researchers say that as many as 250,000 people lose their lives each year due to errors made by healthcare professionals. If you are a regular Readers Digest reader, then you likely saw a recent article...
  • New Study Links Surgical Errors To Stress
    New Study Links Surgical Errors To Stress
    We just read about a fascinating study that was published by the British Journal of Surgery. In it, researchers had a surgeon wear a Hexoskin Smart Shirt under his scrubs while he was performing surgery. The shirt ran a continuous electrocardiogram while he performed surgeries. They also used laparoscopic video recordings from the surgery to discover surgical errors. By combining...
  • Millions To Woman Who Had Stomach Removed
    Millions To Woman Who Had Stomach Removed
    We just found out that an Allegheny County jury has awarded $19 million to a woman who says her stomach was removed for no reason during surgery. This all began in 2011 when Rebecca Ball, who was 29 at the time, went to see doctors at UPMC for severe gastrointestinal problems. She says that when doctors could not figure out...
  • Surgeon Uses Robot And Messes Up
    Surgeon Uses Robot And Messes Up
    You may have heard of the Da Vinci surgical device that has been helping surgeons in the operating room. It is an extremely dexterous robot that is able to perform the most delicate procedures with precision. It has been a great tool for surgeons to use, but the thing main this is this – they must know how to use...
  • They Left An Item Inside Of Him
    They Left An Item Inside Of Him
    In 2014, Larry Diener was in miserable shape. He had diverticulitis and his colon was blocked off. His doctors told him that he needed colon surgery. So, in May of that year, that is what he did. “I felt better than I’d felt in a long time,” said Diener. Unfortunately, things got worse. After an unrelated shoulder surgery, he did...


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