Teen Creates Program to Guard Against Surgical Errors

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  • Teen Creates Program to Guard Against Surgical Errors
    Surgical errors can have devastating consequences. Pravalika Gayatri Putalapattus, a seventeen-year-old high school student from Virginia, knows this all too well. In 2016, her cousin Sirisha underwent brain surgery in India. The purpose of the surgery was to remove a cancerous tumor. Sadly, a surgical error during the procedure resulted in Sirisha’s death. Pravalika’s initial reaction to her cousin’s passing...
  • Philadelphia Elementary School Principal Survives After A Medical Device Breaks During His Brain Surgery
    Hospital patients sign consent forms for surgeries, but they do not sign up for unspecified surgical errors. Yet, surgical errors are killing patients regularly throughout the US. As a patient, you trust your doctor to know what they are doing. It can be a nightmare to wake up from surgery to find out your trusted doctors neglected your health. At...
  • Surgical Errors Cost Families the Lives They Were Meant to Have
    Early one frosty morning, a single mother of two was getting ready for work. While her older daughter made cereal, her one-year-old was ready to go, jumping in her crib and laughing. As she bent down to pick up her youngest, she felt a searing pain in her lower back. Thinking quickly, she made sure the baby was safe in...
  • Medical Negligence Leading to Common Surgical Errors
    Medical Negligence Leading to Common Surgical Errors
    According to the Pennsylvania Medical Society, there were 107 medical liability cases tried to a jury in Pennsylvania in 2017. This number may seem to indicate that medical malpractice rates are relatively low in Pennsylvania, however, these numbers do not include cases that were settled prior to trial or before a lawsuit was even filed. Philadelphia surgical errors attorneys know...


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