Blood Thinner and Drug Malpractice – The Rundown

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  • Blood Thinner and Drug Malpractice – The Rundown
    Healthcare facilities are ripe with important operations, including everything from surgeries to mental health psychiatric assistance. There are, therefore, many different mechanisms that healthcare facilities have in place to improve overall public health. However, such environments may oftentimes have certain complications and mishaps that occur within their walls. Many Philadelphia firms such as The Weitz Firm, LLC have seen repeated...
  • Doctors Confess To Lab Work Error
    As we get older, it is common to suffer a few health problems. Our bodies are aging, and with aging comes complications. If you break a bone at the age of 9, it will heal quicker than if you break the same bone at age 79. It is just natural. Bones deteriorate and our organs take longer than usual to...
  • New Documentary Highlights Medical Errors
    New Documentary Highlights Medical Errors
    When Judie Burrows was taken to the hospital for hip surgery in 2009 after she fell off of her bike, neither she nor her family expected that was just the beginning. A few months later, she fell again and underwent a second hip surgery. This time, she lost half of her blood during the procedure and was left with permanent...


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