Throughout your life, you will need to seek medical attention for a number of reasons. You expect that the medical professional you encounter will take your care seriously and will work to make you feel better, not worse. However, that is not always the case and when a medical professional such as a doctor is negligent this can cause serious injury to the patient. If you or a loved one are injured you will need the help of a Norristown patient negligence attorney from The Weitz Firm, LLC.

What is Patient Negligence?

Patient negligence is often seen in cases where there was a failure to treat a patient. This can happen when doctors fail to disclose all available treatments to the patient for their particular diagnosis. Another instance is when a patient is not being treated in time or at all because of their insurance or lack of insurance. Other instances of failure to treat are:

  • Doctor not treating a known medical condition
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Treatment for the wrong condition
  • Allowing a condition to worsen without providing treatment
  • Specialists not being consulted when needed

There are many other circumstances that constitute patient negligence but these are some of the most common. If your condition is not properly treated due to the negligence of a medical professional you will need to consult with a Norristown patient negligence attorney to discuss the details of your case.

Medical Malpractice and Patient Negligence

Patient negligence is slightly different from medical malpractice. Essentially the medical professional acted in a negligent manner that directly caused harm to the patient. In some instances, a patient can sue the doctor directly while in others the hospital may be held liable. This will all depend on the employment status of the negligent medical professional. You will need to enlist the help of a Norristown patient negligence attorney to work through the legal intricacies that come with a case like this.

What Types of Compensation Are Available?

Although some conditions cannot be reversed, the negligent parties in the case will need to be held liable for their actions. There are several forms of compensation that a Norristown patient negligence attorney can obtain on your behalf. The most common types of compensation we will seek include:

  • Lost wages
  • Coverage of past and future medical expenses
  • Loss of quality of life damages
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Out of pocket expenses

There may be other forms of compensation you may be entitled to depending on the specific details of your case. We will also work with industry experts to determine the expected losses from your case.

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When you seek medical attention you expect to be treated with care and compassion. You also expect to have your condition properly diagnosed and have a resolution. When a medical professional is negligent in their actions and thus results in you sustaining more injuries this is patient negligence.

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