Going to the hospital for an injury or illness is not something anyone wants to do, but there may be times when it is necessary. Most of the time, the medical professionals and hospital staff do their jobs well, but there are times when their negligence and carelessness can cause patients serious harm.

In places that are supposed to be clean and sanitary, the rate of hospital-acquired infections is high. Many of these cases are caused by preventable mistakes.

Do you know what to do if a hospital-acquired infection harms you or a loved one?

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What Can Happen

The CDC admits that significant progress has been made in preventing healthcare-associated infection types. Unfortunately, one in 25 hospital patients can expect to acquire an infection on any given day. These infections have many consequences for patients, including an increased length and cost of the hospital visit, further pain and suffering, and even death.

Some patients are at greater risk of acquiring an infection in the hospital: children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems. The CDC estimates that these infections account for 1.7 million infections and nearly 100,000 annual deaths.

  • 32 percent are urinary tract infections
  • 22 percent are surgical site infections
  • 15 percent are lung infections (pneumonia)
  • 14 percent are bloodstream infections

If an infection is suspected, then doctors and nurses should treat it quickly to prevent it from becoming worse. If an infection is left untreated, then it can lead to sepsis, which is an infection that has spread to the blood stream. Sepsis is a major medical emergency and is often fatal. In fact, one in three people who die in the hospital has sepsis at the time of death.

Healthcare providers must be vigilant when monitoring surgical sites, open wounds, breathing apparatus, catheters, feeding tubes, and IV sites.

When it comes to infections acquired from surgery, patients are five times more likely to be readmitted after discharge and twice as likely to die.

If healthcare providers fail to clean their hands properly after every patient, they risk spreading infections.

What You Can Do

Why should you have to suffer financially because of a mistake made by a healthcare professional? We know that you went to the hospital for help. Instead, you contracted an infection.

Most hospital-acquired infections are preventable, which is why it is so surprising that they keep happening at such high rates. The negligence of hospital staff should not be ignored. When you need a Drexel Hill medical malpractice lawyer, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling 267-587-6240. The Weitz Firm, LLC will work to secure the compensation you deserve for your infection-related expenses. We want to ensure coverage for your additional medical expenses caused by the infection as well as your pain and suffering damages. If you have lost a loved one due to a hospital-acquired infection, contact us so we can go over your next steps.

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