Sometimes you know it right away. Other times, the signs and symptoms are more subtle.

Maybe indigestion. Perhaps some shortness of breath.

Both men and women experience heart attacks differently, but a well-trained medical professional knows what to look out for.

But what happens if the people we trust to properly diagnose us are negligent in their duties? A heart attack is serious, but if it is not properly diagnosed and quickly treated, the damage can be irreversible.

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The Stats

We want to start off with letting you know that the survival rate for someone who goes into cardiac arrest inside of a hospital is 24.8 percent.

That statistic alone lets you know how vital it is for doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff to properly diagnose a heart attack as soon as possible to prevent cardiac arrest.

Many times, when a patient is experiencing discomfort, they are not even aware it is a heart attack. People often show up at the ER with a range of symptoms that, to the untrained professional, have nothing to do with one another.

If an intake nurse does realize that a patient may be experiencing a heart attack and has them wait for emergency care, they are putting the patient in jeopardy.

Did you know that medical diagnosis errors have been found to cause the most patient harm of all medical mistakes? Medical mistakes are now the third leading cause of death in the US and we cannot help but wonder how many of those are from a failure to diagnose a heart attack.

Whether a patient is in the ER, an intensive care unit, or a regular care room, doctors and nurses should be vigilant. If they fail to recognize heart attack symptoms, do not perform appropriate tests, or do not regularly obtain patients’ vital signs, they could be held liable if a heart attack occurs.

In the US, over 600,000 people die each year from heart-related issues. In fact, heart problems are the number one cause of death in this country.

Not every heart attack in a healthcare setting is due to a misdiagnosis or negligence on the part of a healthcare professional. We will never be able to prevent all heart attacks, but there are times when doctors and nurses do make mistakes.

What Are Your Options?

If you or a loved one have suffered from a heart attack and medical professionals failed to properly diagnose or treat it, you need to consider seeking legal assistance. Hear conditions are common and doctors and nurses should always be vigilant when dealing with certain signs and symptoms.

The longer a heart attack goes on undiscovered, the more damage that is done to the heart. In the worst-case scenario, a person can go into cardiac arrest and die. When you need a medical malpractice lawyer in Drexel Hill, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling 267-587-6240.

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