Emergency rooms are noisy, crowded, and usually not fun.

But they save lives.

When you or a loved one goes to the ER, it is because you are not feeling well. You have been injured or are ill and you need someone to make it better. Most of the time, the doctors and nurses do make their patients feel better. The goal of the ER staff is to stabilize us so we can be admitted or discharged.

But what happens when the actions of the ER staff end up causing us more harm?

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In An Emergency

Medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the United States, killing more than 250,000 people a year. Imagine how many more live through the horrors of medical mistakes.

Overcrowded emergency rooms are a problem. When you show up with an emergency, a nurse should obtain vital signs and assess the level of care needed. There are certain conditions that should be treated immediately. If those conditions are not discovered and a seriously ill patient is allowed to sit in the ER waiting room for long periods of time, the delay in care could cause major harm.

Emergency rooms are often fast-paced environments. This could lead to careless errors on the part of doctors and nurses. Medication errors are common in the hospital setting and can have detrimental affects on patients. If a patient is given the wrong medication or the wrong dosage of a medication and they are harmed, ER staff may be liable.

In the ER, there should always be enough staff to handle the amount of patients present. If an ER doctor is too busy, they may not properly diagnose all of their patients. Johns Hopkins researches have found that diagnostic errors accounted for the most patient harm and the largest fraction of medical malpractice claims.

ERs are the funnel of the hospital, and hospital administrators may pressure ER staff to clear out beds to make more room for incoming patients. This could jeopardize the level of care that patients receive.

We want to note that there are times when doctors and nurses are overworked. Medical professional fatigue is often cited as a cause for many medical mistakes.

What Are Your Options

We know you did not expect to be harmed further by the medical staff when you went to the emergency room. While we know that money will not change the fact that you were harmed by someone else’s negligence, you may need compensation to deal with your incident-related expenses.

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