Providing medical care requires a sharp mind and a careful approach. Sometimes, doctors fail to treat patients properly because they’re experiencing burnout.

Has this happened to you or a loved one in the Chester County, Pennsylvania area? Contact a Chester County physician burnout attorney if so. We’ll review the details of your case and explain whether you have grounds to seek financial compensation.

The Dangers of Physician Burnout in Chester County

Medical professionals have stressful, demanding jobs. It’s no surprise they’re vulnerable to burnout.

Research confirms this is a relatively common problem. Consider these findings:

  • A 2018 study from Stanford University School of Medicine indicates more than half of physicians in the US have admitted to experiencing some form of burnout
  • Another 2018 study revealed approximately 55% of American doctors have considered leaving their professions due to stress
  • The same study indicates that, while doctors may be able to identify the symptoms of burnout in their colleagues, they struggle to notice when they’re experiencing these symptoms
  • According to research from the Mayo Clinic, burnout affects the vast majority of US physicians

A medical professional may experience burnout for various potential reasons. Common examples include:

  • Excessive workload
  • Limited staffing
  • Long shifts
  • Being on call, which prevents a doctor from truly taking time off from work
  • Stress regarding malpractice suit risks
  • Loss of autonomy in the workplace
  • Inability to dedicate time to patients due to needing to handle administrative tasks

Those are just a few examples. While it’s understandable why a doctor may succumb to burnout, it’s also important to remember their patients can face serious consequences as a result.

Chester County Physician Burnout Cases: The Impact on Patients

Burnout may significantly interfere with a doctor’s ability to offer patients the care they need. Specifically, physicians experiencing burnout may:

  • Fail to accurately diagnose a patient
  • Fail to determine the proper treatment for a patient’s condition
  • Enter false information in a patient’s chart
  • Prescribe the wrong medications
  • Fail to order necessary tests
  • Discharge a patient from a hospital prematurely
  • Make mistakes when performing surgery

A patient who has been harmed or hasn’t received proper treatment because their doctor is fatigued and overworked could incur a range of losses, such as:

  • Medical bills for additional treatment
  • Lost wages, if their condition prevents them from working
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Patients can sometimes recover financial compensation for these losses by filing medical malpractice claims or lawsuits. If you’re considering this option, schedule a consultation at our Chester County physician burnout law firm for more information.

How a Chester County Physician Burnout Lawyer Can Help

It’s very wise to enlist the help of an experienced legal professional before filing a medical malpractice claim. A Chester County physician burnout attorney can help you pursue the compensation for which you may be eligible by:

  • Investigating your case to gather evidence showing a doctor or other such medical professional was negligent, and you suffered as a result
  • Determining the approximate amount of money you may deserve based on the extent of your losses/damages
  • Negotiating for a proper settlement with the insurance company if their first offers are too low

At The Weitz Firm, LLC, our Chester County physician burnout lawyers sympathize with overworked doctors, but we don’t believe fatigue justifies negligently harming patients. Learn more about how we can help you by contacting us online or calling us at 267-587-6240.

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