January 26, 2019 The Weitz Firm, LLC

We would not usually bring you a case so far from our coverage area, but this story has gripped the nation recently and it highlights some things we have been discussing for a while. When a woman in an Arizona long-term care facility went into labor on December 29, the nursing home staff present did […]

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December 22, 2018 The Weitz Firm, LLC

We just read an editorial that highlights the importance of strong oversight of nursing homes. The article follows that case of an Arkansas-based nursing home company that at one time had $3 billion in revenue and operated many nursing homes here in Pennsylvania. They have since faced litigation for violations ranging from, “poor training, medication […]

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November 9, 2018 The Weitz Firm, LLC

You may have heard that the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s lawsuit against the Golden Living Nursing Home chain was recently revived by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The lawsuit alleges that 14 nursing homes across Pennsylvania, including one right here in Philadelphia, were understaffed in order to boost profits for the chain at the expense of the […]

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